In any city, in any country, there’s a mental institution or halfway house you can try any of these in. There were 2538 of these Objects, but 2000 were lost.

The remaining 538 must never come together. Ever.

That’s how the story of the holders starts. you can seek their union or their separation, seek power or seek the destruction. No matter the intentions of all the seeker that have existed in the story. The Holders is a extraordinary creepypasta series with a lot of story behind, is probably the longest creepypasta ever and that’s why we think this story deserves a video game.

We are making this game as a FPEG (First Person Exploration Game). So the quality of the environment and the story is primordial to the success of the project. We are putting all our knowledge in game development, we are making this with full passion and with a lot of responsibility.

The Holders series allow us to flow our creativity in the different aspects of the reunion of the objects, making the game an experience that we ant all the people will want to experiment.